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Commemorative collection

People collect stamps for many different reasons. Some do it because they love collecting things, while others are attracted to the history they represent.

Freaks & Errors: A Rare Collection' documentary premiere at Monacophil 2017

Freaks & Errors: A Rare Collection is described as a film "that uncovers the myths and facts of not only stamps, but a lifetime of owners, curators, seekers and admirers." The film will premiere Dec. 2 during the Monacophil 2017 exhibition.

The Art of Collecting: In Paris, Passion Battles the Decline of Stamp Collecting

There is a rundown shop in my neighborhood near the Rue des Martyrs that never seems to close. When I peer through the window late at night, I usually see a small group of older men bent over a long table, picking up and moving around thousands of tiny bits of colored paper with their tiny tweezers.

Letter: Stamp Collecting Isn't Dead

In " Stamped Out " , Eugene L. Meyer presents a disappointingly myopic view of the stamp-collecting hobby. In fact, philately is dizzyingly active, involving millions worldwide.

A Look Around The Royal Philatelic Society Before It Moves

The Royal Philatelic Society is positively raucous on a Thursday evening. Old friends greeting each other in the hallway, mugs of tea in hand, dressed to the nines and chatting away furiously.